WordPress for Beginners and Advance Learners
This program will help you learn to create professional websites, acquire tech-demanding job skills, understand WordPress better, optimize websites effectively, and implement security measures.

Category Coding

Last Updated 07/02/2024

Drone Programming Course: From Basics to Advanced Flight Control
This comprehensive Drone Programming Course will take you from the basics of coding to advanced techniques in controlling drone flight and navigation. You'll start by learning the fundamental concepts of drone programming, followed by practical exercises in writing and implementing code for drone operations. The course will also cover advanced topics, including autonomous functions and complex maneuvers, providing you with the skills needed to program drones for various applications.

Category Drone courses

Last Updated 06/13/2024

16 Lesson01:27:37 Hrs

Drone Assembly Basics: Coupling Components
In this brief tutorial, you'll learn the fundamental steps to couple drone components effectively. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your assembly skills, this video will guide you through the necessary tools and techniques to ensure your drone is assembled securely and efficiently. Perfect for hobbyists and aspiring drone builders alike! Ready to take your skills to the next level? Call our front desk to enroll in our physical class or register through our online admission portal to begin your comprehensive training today!

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Last Updated 06/12/2024

1 Lesson00:01:10 Hrs

Introduction to CAD and Mechatronics
This course covers the foundational concepts of Computer-Aided Design and how it integrates with mechatronics to create innovative solutions. Ideal for beginners, this guide will help you understand the essential tools and techniques needed for designing and developing mechatronic systems.

Category Engineering Design Classes

Last Updated 07/04/2024

6 Lesson01:55:24 Hrs

Web Development Overview: From Basics to Advanced Concepts
This course provides a comprehensive overview of web development, covering everything from the basic concepts to advanced topics. You will learn about the different aspects of web development, including front-end development, back-end development, and full-stack development.

Category Coding

Last Updated 06/14/2024

3 Lesson02:06:11 Hrs